Transforming lives through education

Australian Veterans' Children Assistance Trust

AVCAT supports the children & grandchildren of Australian Veterans with the cost of tertiary education. We provide scholarships that help pay for textbooks and expenses and help ease the cost of living. Read more about our successes here.

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AVCAT scholarships and bursaries provide much-needed financial assistance and a pathway to a life with greater possibilities.

Our Stories

Israel Bundjuri and dad f

Israel Bundjuri – AVCAT Scholar

My father was so proud to hear that his son was studying at Curtin University. He never thought fighting for his country could have a positive impact on his children in enhancing their education since returning from the Vietnam War....

Jacob Erieau – AVCAT Scholar

Sometimes the most extraordinary thing you can do is be part of healing your family and trying to do better than those who came before you. By Jacob Erieau Jacob (centre) with grandparents Dorothy & 'Pa' Geoffrey Yeomans My grandfather...

Caitlin Gauci – AVCAT Alumni

My TLC scholarship showed me that AVCAT had a deeper intention than just ‘transforming lives through education’. They were also going to do it with compassion and support. By Caitlin Gauci Caitlin Gauci with the Governor General & Mrs Hurley...
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