2022 Queensland Presentation Event

With Mum affected by WWII and Dad by the Korean War, and now both in graves, I felt a mix of emotions receiving this honour; but, grateful. Thank you AVCAT for your support. It has converted to hope.

Noeleen Ginnane

AVCAT Alumni Chloe McNally

2022 Scholarship Presentations kicked off in Brisbane. Thank you to DVA and our generous sponsors. Congratulations to all 2022 AVCAT Scholars in Queensland.

AVCAT Alumnus Chloe McNally gave an inspiring speech outlining the impact her RSL Queensland Scholarship had on her life as a student.

‘Throughout my undergraduate degree, I consistently worked 2-3 jobs while studying full-time to support myself… I worked as a waitress, a cleaner in a hospital, a nanny, a private tutor, a children’s disability support worker, and a research assistant.

A typical day for me would look like waking up at 5 am, working a shift at the hospital before heading to university for classes, and then nannying or tutoring in the afternoons before doing my own university work in the evenings. If this sounds nauseating to you, trust me it does to me as well.

What my AVCAT Scholarship enabled me to do was reclaim some autonomy around when I worked, and when I studied. I was able to be more strategic in balancing my workloads, and it relieved some of the day-to-day financial anxiety, which allowed me to dedicate those cognitive resources to studying.’

L-R: Craig Matthews; Jaspin Chamberlain-Kent; Lillian McMillan; Fiona Peddell; Len Russell; Stuart Smith; Ruby Parker; Ruby Service; Nicci Thatcher; Ashleigh Kennedy

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