2022 Western Australia Presentation Event

Our Perth scholarship presentation went off without a hitch in the lovely ANZAC House. Scholars, their families, and distinguished guests were welcomed by Peter King, Deputy Commissioner Department of Veterans Affairs who spoke on behalf of DVA.

Robyn Richardson, vince Connelly, Sofie Gilmartin, Olivia Suthers, Peter King, Michael Lundy, Angela Redfern

AVCAT Alumnus Angela Redfern shared her experience as an AVCAT Scholar and recipient of the 2016 Long Tan Bursary. Urging 2022 scholars to ‘make the most of your scholarship by pursuing every opportunity presented to you, whether that volunteering, extra study time, work experience, finding your passions, or time catching up with your friends.’

Angela, reflecting on her scholarship said. ‘ I am so grateful to have received the Long Tan Bursary and thus been able to pursue a career where I can assist on the very same surgeries that were performed on my father those many years ago in Vietnam… 

Additionally being a recipient of the Long Tan Bursary gave me confidence during the application and interview process as it symbolises the fact that someone believes in you and believes that you can achieve your dreams and ambitions.’

AVCAT Scholarships Manager Robyn Richardson gave a terrific speech outlining the unique challenges faced by AVCAT Scholars. 

‘As many of us know, children of veterans experience high rates of mental and physical health problems. Military life can be a source of psychological stress for children. Multiple deployments, frequent moves and having a parent injured or die is a reality for many children in military families. Compared with the general population, the dependents of veterans have higher unemployment rates, greater financial disadvantage and are more likely to attain poorer educational outcomes. The problem is not only the disadvantage experienced by the dependents of veterans but the cycle of disadvantage and welfare support it creates. 

Access to tertiary education and training can break this cycle by improving employment opportunities and overall health and wellbeing and AVCAT is working every day to do just this!’

Thank you to DVA and our generous sponsors RSL Australia and Bravery Trust. Congratulations to all AVCAT Scholars in Western Australia.

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