A Real Sense of Community

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By Adam Davidson

I have always had an affinity with volunteer community service. It started at school with an assignment on community service organisations, this lead me to volunteer with the State Emergency Service when I was 16. I was a SES volunteer for five years, I learnt a tremendous amount about what it really means to drive a positive community service. I saw first-hand some of the types of help needed in the wider community.

Thanks to the Long Tan Bursary, and support I received from the team at AVCAT I have been able to achieve so much throughout my study. I am so grateful to be in continuous receipt of this scholarship as it continues to prove invaluable to my academic success beyond my degree.

Now that I have graduated I am continuing to volunteer. My volunteer roles include a Driving Mentor Program based in Kempsey, Orange Sky Laundry which serves the wider Mid North Coast region, Wauchope Youth group, and briefly at the Mid North Coast Community Legal Centre. Each of these organisations provide invaluable assistance to the wider community and it has assisted me in identifying what is most needed within the Port Macquarie region.

Being involved in the community service sector has allowed me to examine closely the aspect of community service that I feel most passionate about, youth housing and homelessness. I am so grateful for my network of friends and family. I feel very grateful for all the wonderful people in my life, however I feel saddened because many people never get to experience even the basics of something like a stable home environment. This is something I want to change. I believe having a safe and stable home environment is the ultimate key for life’s many challenges, and consequent successes.

Thanks again for the wonderful team behind the Long Tan Bursary; were it not for the scholarship I would not have been able to assist as much I can to the Port Macquarie region. I am aiming towards working in the community service sector, specifically around young people, and housing and homelessness.

Adam Davidson was awarded a Long Tan Bursary in 2017, he graduated from Charles Sturt University with Bachelor of Criminology and is now completing a Diploma in Community Services.

Adam Davidson and classmates

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