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Dr Louise O’Rance – Alumnus Speech

I am a case study of what it looks like when the quality of someone’s education is divorced from their family’s ability to pay. I wish everybody had a story like this. Dr Louise O'Rance Dr O'Rance is the Assistant...

Emma-Louise Semaan – AVCAT Alumni

Our family has been on a healing journey for many years now, which I am so proud of. We stand by each other every year and march with Dad on ANZAC DAY, this day means so much to us all. By Emma-Louise...

Caitlin Gauci – AVCAT Alumni

My TLC scholarship showed me that AVCAT had a deeper intention than just ‘transforming lives through education’. They were also going to do it with compassion and support. By Caitlin Gauci Caitlin Gauci with the Governor General & Mrs Hurley...

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  • AVCAT Alumni Survey Report 2020

    PDF: 32 pages, 249KB

    Download >

AVCAT was interested in how AVCAT scholarships have impacted scholars' lives, both personally and professionally, over the years. We surveyed past recipients of AVCAT scholarships and the Long Tan Bursary and asked them to tell us. Hit the green download link above to read the report.

In addition to the Alumni Survey Report, AVCAT analysed the data to help formulate future projects including:

  • AVCAT Alumni Network (November 2020)
  • Mentorship Program Pilot (September 2021)
  • Annual Mentorship Program (commencing 20023)
  • And now the creation of the AAN Scholarship (March 2023), supported by alumni.

Hit the green download link above to read the report.

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AVCAT Alumni Network

The AVCAT Alumni Network aims to enhance the connection AVCAT Alumni have with each other and current AVCAT scholars in a unique community of children and grandchildren of Australian veterans.

Being awarded an AVCAT Scholarship or Long Tan Bursary is a special experience that acknowledges the service of a family member and the talent and ambition of the scholar.

Your membership in the AVCAT Alumni Network provides opportunities.

Opportunities to keep in touch, support each other, engage in professional networking on a national scale and give back to the work of AVCAT. We hope you use these opportunities and enhance your connection to your unique community of graduates who know where you’re coming from because they’ve been there too.

Giving Back – AVCAT Alumni Scholarship

The AAN Scholarship is a great way to give back and be a part of supporting the next generation of veteran families. We need to raise $5,000 each year, can you help us achieve our goal?

An AVCAT scholarship can be life-changing, and the impact is multifaceted. It provides motivation, financial support, and importantly, a sense of community and pride.

This scholarship is for a scholar at the beginning of their tertiary education.

Donate today to help change a life.

AVCAT Alumni Network Virtual Launch Event

The Hon Darren Chester MP, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs (2018 -2021) launched the AVCAT Alumni Network remotely on 10th November 2020. Watch the video to see Minister Chester's speech, hear former AVCAT CEO Joan Hughes speak, and alumni artist Kelly Manning and flying doctor Anthony Rengel talk about the impact of AVCAT on their lives.

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