Blitzing the Field

Second year student Samantha Jeffrey is blitzing the field. Samantha’s first year results were so high she earned a place on the Dean’s Merit List and was awarded Top First Year Student in Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Wollongong. In 2017 her second year results continue to be impressive.

Samantha’s stellar career as a student has been peppered with loss and hardship. In high school Samantha underwent spinal surgery to fuse her vertebrae together, after being diagnosed with a painful condition known as spine slip. A few years after her surgery Samantha’s mother, Bronwyn, sadly succumbed to cancer leaving Samantha and her sisters in the care of her father Doug, who temporarily ceased full-time work to care for his wife. During her first year at university Samantha’s Grandfather passed away.

Samantha Jeffrey 2017

A recipient of a scholarship managed by AVCAT and sponsored by the Chatswood RSL Club, Samantha continues to thrive, no matter what life throws her way. She has become “immensely intrigued by palliative care” and has started volunteer work at the David Berry Hospital. “I undertook six sessions of training which was invaluable for me, not only a personal level but further professionally. It has really given me direction for my career as a social worker, and I do hope to pursue such in a palliative care environment.”

Thanking AVCAT for the continued support Samantha said, “It makes such a difference in my life and I am so very grateful for the opportunity.” “The difference four thousand dollars makes is incredible, this year again [it is] going towards the many things that help with my studies and ease the financial pressures that are so often felt”.

The whole team at AVCAT wishes Samantha every success for her studies.


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