University graduate Casey Schackow emailed AVCAT to let us know what he’s been up to since he was an AVCAT scholarship recipient.

Casey’s grandfather, an ex-serving veteran, passed away when Casey was very young. However Casey says his grandfather’s ‘selfless and ambitious mindset was instilled into his children and grandchildren. Growing up in a low-income home my parents emphasised to me my grandfather’s principles of stoicism and the importance of courtesy and mindfulness.’

Casey writes – In a lifelong journey to expand my horizons, I recently completed my final semester abroad at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Having completed the majority of my Civil Engineering degree at the University of Queensland.

Throughout my degree I have relished every opportunity to improve my leadership, interpersonal and technical skills. I have proudly achieved this by engaging in international volunteering, mentoring and studying globally. These experiences have developed my graduate skill set and prepared me for the industry.

I was fortunate enough to leave my comfort zone and participate in volunteering programs and cultural programs in Cambodia, China and the United States. Without this exposure to the actuality of the world around us, I wouldn’t be the well-rounded, progressive and influential future leader I perceive myself as. Due to my financial situation, this wouldn’t have been possible without support from organisations such as AVCAT.

I am intrigued by humanitarian engineering, computational design and timber structures.

Thanks for staying in touch Casey. We wish you all the very best as you embark on your career as an Engineer!

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