Celebrations in WA, Victoria & Queensland

June and July saw the team at AVCAT celebrating presentations across three states, with the Long Tan Bursaries and Sponsored Scholarships being presented to students in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

RSL Queensland Scholarship Recipients

AVCAT CEO Joan Hughes said “I’m very impressed with the high calibre of the students. I’m immensely proud of all the students. It’s a highlight of my working year to meet the students, and their parents and supporters, in person. As well, it’s a time to thank the sponsors of scholarships including the Federal Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Guest speaker in Queensland, Susan Benton, congratulated students on being awarded their scholarships and urged them to, “make the most of your scholarship by pursuing every opportunity presented to you… and by ensuring you don’t become entrenched in a lifestyle of only study and work, but maintain interests and hobbies independent from your studies, something for your own mental health and wellbeing.”

A group of thirty well-wishers congratulated the recipients of the WA Long Tan Bursaries, RSL National and Vietnam Veterans’ Association of Australia, WA scholarships at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs office in Perth.

Former Long Tan Bursary recipient and guest speaker Samantha Simpkin thanked AVCAT for her scholarship. “In 2012 I was successful in gaining a Long Tan Bursary from AVCAT and it supported me though my university studies. I was able to focus on my studies and graduated from university with an impressive academic transcript, which assisted in me gaining employment.”

Deni Campbell, current Long Tan Bursary recipient from Western Australia said, “This scholarship has allowed me to take on many opportunities that I would not have been in a financial position to… goals have materialised from the security and motivation that comes from being a recipient of the Long Tan Bursary Scholarship. If you told me three years ago that I’d be who I am now I would’ve laughed.”


To enquire about how to be a sponsor of scholarships managed by AVCAT, a national independent charity, please call our CEO Joan Hughes on (02) 9213 7999.

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