Emma-Lee Scott – Case Worker


AVCAT alumnus Emma-Lee Scott has been busy since her undergraduate days. Choosing to jump straight into postgraduate study she says, ‘I did a Master’s degree after I finished my undergraduate in Special Education. During that time, I started working for Autism Spectrum Australia as a disability support worker. ‘

Working hard at university paid off for Emma- Lee. ‘During the final year of my undergraduate studies, I was selected to go on an international work exchange in China with 9 other students. We taught in a variety of schools focusing on English, history, art and music. I gave a presentation to a delegation at Beijing Capital University on ICT management in the classroom.’

After her post-graduate studies, Emma-Lee was offered a case management role working with people on the autism spectrum in the Hunter Region.

Emma-Lee is committed to contributing to her community. ‘I developed and implemented a social group for teenagers on the autism spectrum, as it’s a service severely lacking in our region. Particularly with our teens who are high functioning but require a little bit more assistance to manage social interactions. They often have limited choices for social groups, which are more tailored to participants with complex or high needs.’

When asked what’s next Emma-Lee is not short on options. ‘I’m currently exploring whether I want to re-enter education as a Special Education teacher or to move into social work.

We wish Emma-Lee every success as she navigates the next phase of her career.

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