Jacob Morath

By Jacob Morath

I have always been proud of my family’s military service history, with it dating back to both World Wars. My interest in world affairs was founded and fostered by my dad.

Dad is a Vietnam Veteran who has always encouraged me to take an active interest in the world and be involved in the community, but always first, to be grateful for life in Australia.

I have always had an interest in international affairs and the role institutions have in shaping the lives of people. After attending a cultural immersion program in central Asia, I first began to think about studying global affairs. Within twelve months I applied for a Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Laws at the University of Wollongong.

My love for multicultural Australia something that I learnt from Dad, and further motivated me to study degrees that are integral to supporting Australia’s greatest strength, and is central to our way of living, multiculturalism.

My Long Tan Bursary has been of immense help to me during my studies. I have recently returned from overseas study at the University of Strasbourg, France. This was a fantastic opportunity to extend my passion for international institutions in what is known as the ‘Heart of the Europe.’

Jacob and classmates in France

During my time in France, I participated in a wide range of political, history and language subjects, took part in a language exchange and had the opportunity to visit historical sites. This would not have been possible without the help of AVCAT and their sponsors, the assistance allowed me to study and live in a city that is central to cross-cultural understanding and home to Sciences Po, renowned institution for studying international affairs in a multi-disciplinary manner.

The Long Tan Bursary also assisted me in being able to participate in a course in New-Caledonia on French and Kanak cultures with my university peers. This has had a significant impact on my learning path as it enabled me to see the modern interaction of the two cultures, and further my deep passion for the Pacific region.

I am immensely proud of my family’s history of service and wish to engage with world affairs, the Long Tan Bursary and AVCAT have been key in allowing me to further my knowledge and passions.

I cannot thank Team AVCAT enough for their ongoing support and efforts that go above and beyond, the assistance they provide to families of veterans truly demonstrates the spirit of the ANZACs has not wavered.

Jacob was awarded a Long Tan Bursary in 2017.

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