Jayanna Gibson

By Jayanna Gibson

My name is Jayanna Gibson, and I am one of the incredibly grateful 2019 recipients of the Brisbane Water (NSW) Legacy (BWL) Scholarship through the Australian Veterans Children Assistance Trust (AVCAT). My AVCAT BWL scholarship allows me to focus on extending my potential without concerns of the heavy financial burden a higher education brings.

My scholarship has already supported me extensively in my first and second years of a Combined Laws (Honours) Degree with a Bachelor of Communications at the University of Newcastle.

I am a lover of art, nature, and critical thinking. I enjoy writing, painting, kayaking, surfing, and designing from recycled materials.

I have been finding ways to balance my studies with the array of creative endeavours I find joy in. I’m so fortunate to have the ability to do so, as I am supported by my wonderful family, AVCAT and Brisbane Water Legacy.

I wouldn’t be standing here without the sacrifices of those before me; the veterans whom have built the foundation of this country’s strength, carrying the youth of Australia on their shoulders so that our hands can grasp new heights and lead the future to prosperity.

I am the granddaughter of Kevin Beveridge, a Petty Officer Marine Engineer in the Royal Australian Navy for 15 years. He was on six ships throughout his service, the most memorable being the Vendetta. The legacy he created as an Australian veteran motivates me to use the power of knowledge gained by my education to encourage justice. I owe an abundance of appreciation to my Pop, who I love and miss substantially.

Anzac Day 2013. Jayanna and her brother with their Pop in Queensland.

My options as a young Australian woman, with a bright mind and an eagerness for life are endless, though the visions I have created for my path would be non-existent without the power of an education. I am learning everyday about aspects of the legal system which intrigue me. I hold a strong interest in intellectual property law, and data surveillance as a pressing legal issue without jurisdiction.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me, and what I can continue to achieve with your generous support in my academic journey.

Jayanna was awarded the AVCAT Brisbane Water Legacy scholarship in 2019. 

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