Jenny Gregory – AVCAT Board

We wanted to get to know our board members a little better. Our board works so hard for AVCAT giving us their time, skills and experience. We asked them to tell us their stories and how that motivates them to give so much of themselves to AVCAT and the ex-service community.

My name is Jenny Gregory and I am the State President of Australian War Widows’ Queensland (AWWQ).

I was married to a Vietnam Veteran for 46 years, and after he passed away in 2013 I joined AWWQ.

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Initially, I was drawn to the War Widows’ because of my need to be with women who had been through, and dealt with, the same issues I was dealing with after my husband’s death. Then, as I realised that the support and companionship of these women was helping me to heal I wanted to commit myself entirely to the organisation, and to helping others. I became State President in 2016 and still retain that position.

I first became aware of AVCAT through fellow war widow Meg Green, who is a board member, and encouraged me to accept a position as an alternate delegate. AVCAT is a very important organisation because it gives young people a chance to make something of their lives through tertiary study. I believe that education is very important to ensure that our youth are equipped for the future.

Having been a Nurse Educator for a number of years in my career I am a passionate advocate of providing scholarships for high achieving students to assist them in pursuing their chosen profession. I myself have two tertiary qualifications and know how they have helped me in my nursing career. The effects of education are felt both personally and across communities and through generations.

Supporting AVCAT is one of the most effective ways to contribute to providing scholarships for the children and grandchildren of those men and women who have served in our defence service.

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