Madelyne Knape

My father served in the army for twelve years. We moved around a lot for his work. Many people in my family have served in the Australian Army but my father has had the biggest impact on my life.

Dad always made time for me and my sisters, looking after us, playing games with us and telling stories, despite working full-time. I always felt like he was there for me.

I have a passion for storytelling, I get this from my father. He has a story for every occasion, and I never get bored listening to him. Once, when I was younger, I was scared that our newest house wasn’t safe. Dad came in and told me stories about how protected the house was until I felt better.

I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to be a writer, and I’m lucky enough to have a family who supports my dream. I began a Bachelor of Arts at Deakin University in 2018, majoring in creative writing, journalism, and literature, and became an AVCAT Scholar in 2020 when I was awarded the Carry On Victoria Scholarship.

2020 was a difficult year for me, one filled with adjustment. Adapting to online study, as well as the difficult process of organising interviews for my journalism classes was challenging to say the least. Despite those difficulties my first piece of journalism was published in the Hamilton Spectator, a local newspaper. I did not anticipate something like that happening. I feel very proud.

My AVCAT Carry On Victoria Scholarship has been incredible, and helped me achieve my goals. I could not be more grateful for the opportunities it has given me, along with the ability to support myself and my family.

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