Matthew Ulanowski

By Matthew Ulanowski

Matt Ulanowski

Hello, I am a current proud recipient of the Long Tan Bursary.

After hearing the news that I had been awarded this scholarship, I felt an immediate sense of achievement knowing that AVCAT had chosen me. Yet naturally this was also followed with a slight sense of apprehension and motivation to really focus on my studies, knowing that I now had this additional support.

As I am sure many would agree, the greatest part about finding out you are a scholarship recipient is without a doubt sharing it with those closest to you. Both my mother and sister were ecstatic for me as they knew how much this meant to me. It can be saddening sometimes that I did not get to share this moment with my father who served in Vietnam and who passed when I was young. However, I am sure he would also be proud and would want me to use it as motivation to really excel at university.

Since having been awarded the bursary I have had a renewed sense of vigour towards my studies, which has resulted in my ability to remain on top of my studies despite the unique challenges presented by the current global climate. Although online studies can feel disheartening at times, I have learnt that if you remain diligent through these tough times there is nothing that will stop you in the future.

Matt and his partner Hannah

Surprisingly, another significant memory relating to this scholarship process was receiving feedback to some of my application responses from a new friend. Luckily for me this worked out well, and over a year later I am both the honoured recipient of a Long Tan Bursary and a partner to the lovely girl who helped me.  

I would like to offer a big thank you to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs for their support and AVCAT for everything they do. Last of all, good luck to all my fellow scholarship recipients and let’s show everyone what we are all capable of!

Matthew was awarded the Long Tan Bursary in 2020.
Head over to our scholarships page for more information on AVCAT Scholarships, the Long Tan Bursary and how to apply.

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