Roy Morris Memorial Scholarship

The first Roy Morris Memorial Scholarship was awarded in 2020, with a further two scholarships awarded in 2023.

The following story about Roy Morris has been written by Graeme Morris and Robyn Cameron (nee Morris), his son and daughter.

Roy Wilfred Morris   1924 – 2019

Brigadier Roy Morris AO (Retd) – Photo Ordnance Vol 15, No 1

The Roy Morris Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of our father, Roy Morris.

Dad was born and spent a lot of his early life in Grafton, country NSW.

He devoted most of his working life to the Army, retiring as a Brigadier, in charge of the Ordnance Corps.

He received the 1939-45 Star, the Pacific Star, the National Medal + 1st 2nd Clasps and several other Medals relating to his service.

On January 26, 1979 in the Australia Day Honours, he was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO). He and Mum were delighted that he was able to have it presented in person by the Queen during their visit to the UK.

He was a great and caring Dad and husband, and we were lucky to have been part of his family. He and Mum were known as Grandpa and Grandma and loved by us and their 4 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.

One of the advantages, or disadvantages, depending on how you look at it, of being part of an Army family is that three years is a long time to spend at any one posting. We were well-travelled, having spent time in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra, as well as three years in England.

Part of his caring nature is demonstrated in the fact that he spent a lot of his free time concerned with charitable organisations. For over 50 years, he was heavily involved in Legacy, including a period as Chairman of Sydney Legacy. For several years, he was on the board of management of Legacy’s Glen Mervyn hostel for orphaned children of servicemen.

He was involved in several other charities including Executive Committee of the Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA) and Fellowship of First Fleeters (Honorary Treasurer from 1988 to 2008). He was also a Volunteer Driver for the Sydney Olympic Games and the Sydney Paralympic Games in 2000. He became an icon, being included on the poster and postcards for the 2001 International Year of the Volunteer. He and Mum also spent some time delivering Meals on Wheels. However, Legacy was always his main charitable interest.

Roy and Mary

As a result of Brisbane Water Legacy creating an AVCAT scholarship, he became the Legacy representative on the board of AVCAT and, although he probably knew little of AVCAT before taking on this role, as time went on, he felt a strong attachment to the Trust. From 1985 until 2011, he was Chairman of the Finance and Investment Committee of AVCAT.

He was interested in education from many aspects. His father was a teacher, and he started at teacher’s college (where he met his wife, who became a teacher). While he didn’t complete his teaching studies at that time, he later in life completed a part-time Bachelor of Commerce, and took many opportunities to attend training courses within the Army, including our time in England (Staff College course). He and Mum always encouraged us in our studies, and we both were fortunate to complete tertiary courses.

It is because of these interests (Legacy, AVCAT and education) that we have chosen to use some of the money he left us to create scholarships in his memory.

The Roy Morris Memorial Scholarships are funded by Graeme Morris (Roy’s son) and Chris Morris (Roy’s grandson).

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