Ruby Moore – AVCAT Scholar

My goal is to work with children in the education field… I want to help students to reach their potential and set themselves up for a successful future.

By Ruby Moore

Ruby with her grandfather Ron

This year has been a big one for me as I have started university and moved out of my childhood home. I moved 400km from the small town of Penola to access the educational opportunities I’d dreamed of. And I’ve been fortunate enough to be awarded the Long Tan Bursary.

This year I started a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at Flinders University, majoring in Chemistry and Mathematics. Studying full-time, living independently and working part-time is a challenge to balance. Having the financial support of the Long Tan Bursary has alleviated a large amount of this stress.

The Long Tan Bursary is helping me pay for living expenses, especially when I moved, and supporting me with purchasing expensive study materials of a laptop and textbooks.

Ronald Britton Wicks, my grandfather, is a veteran who served in the Vietnam War. He was part of the 87 Transport Platoon for nine months. His role was in convoys from Nui Dat with an armed guard. Ron is a member of the Penola RSL. He has great pride in his service and respect for the community of veterans who have served.

I have been lucky to develop a close connection with my grandpa throughout my life, and I am incredibly grateful for this. Living only 30 minutes from one another, my grandparents visited often, and we have created many memories together.

Some of my key memories are of spending time out in the garden and the workshop. As well as fishing and spending time on their boat. Papa has always been a proud family man and a leader within our family. I have always aspired to be like my grandfather and uphold the family values he has instilled in us since we were young.

My goal is to work with children in the education field and become a chemistry or mathematics teacher. I want to help students to reach their potential and set themselves up for a successful future. I would also love to travel and see the world in the future.

The financial support I have received through this scholarship, and the hard work that I have applied to my education, have put me in the position to pursue my dreams and strive to reach my goals.

Ruby was awarded the Long Tan Bursary in 2022.

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