Ryan Knight

By Ryan Knight

My name is Ryan Knight and I was fortunate enough to be awarded the 2018 AVCAT RSL Queensland scholarship. My scholarship allowed to me to study a Bachelor of International Relations degree at Bond University.

I chose to study International Relations, as I knew that I wanted to join the Royal Australian Navy from a young age. I wanted to study a course that would prepare me for a military career. This was one of the best decisions I have made, as I was fortunate enough to study subjects including security, peace, diplomacy, terrorism, and war. One of the highlights of my course was engaging in practical negotiation simulations, where groups would attempt to develop a resolution to the crisis in Yemen.

Ryan Knight

I am the son of a veteran sailor, who served as a medic. I have grown up listening to his stories and the amazing adventures that he embarked on with his mates during his time in the Navy. The travel opportunities, friendship, and adventure that the Australian Defence Force provides really stood out to me.

While studying, I also enjoyed volunteering as a volunteer firefighter with Mudgeeraba Rural Fire Brigade. This stint featured a deployment to the Wongawallan region last year, which was a great learning experience. This, in combination with my degree, helped me grow tremendously as a person and ultimately, has better prepared me for life after university.

Most recently, I have just been offered my dream role as a Maritime Warfare Officer in the Royal Australian Navy.

Ryan (centre) with classmates at university

In this role, I will be expected to take command of ships, and the personnel onboard. This will no doubt be a tremendous challenge. However, with the state-of-the-art training that the navy provides, I am confident that I can achieve this. In the future, I hope to further subspecialise as a Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving Officer.

Without the financial assistance that both AVCAT and RSL Queensland have provided me with, this goal would have been very difficult to achieve. I am very grateful for the help that I have received from AVCAT and RSL Queensland and I am very confident that these organisations will continue to provide endless opportunities for many other students in the future.

Ryan was awarded the AVCAT RSL Queensland Scholarship in 2018.

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