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The voice of the scholar is the single most important feature in assessing and realising the impact of a scholarship. We are proud of all of our scholars. Here are some their stories reflecting on their journey.


Dr Louise O’Rance – Alumnus Speech

I am a case study of what it looks like when the quality of someone’s education is divorced from their family’s ability to pay. I wish everybody had a story like this. Dr Louise O'Rance Dr O'Rance is the Assistant...

Megan Beecher – AVCAT Scholar

By Megan Beecher Megan at her graduation In 2020 I was very fortunate to be the recipient of the AVCAT Families of Veterans Guild (previously the Australian War Widows NSW) Scholarship. My Grandfather, Major Arthur McDermott (Grandpa Mac, as he...

Emma-Louise Semaan – AVCAT Alumni

Our family has been on a healing journey for many years now, which I am so proud of. We stand by each other every year and march with Dad on ANZAC DAY, this day means so much to us all. By Emma-Louise...

Sarah Hughes – AVCAT Scholar

I feel so lucky to be pursuing my passions, and so grateful to AVCAT and Forestville RSL sub-Branch for their support. It means a lot to my mum as a single parent knowing that I am supported and able to...
Patirck Pickering FI

Patrick Pickering – AVCAT Scholar

I have loved every minute of university. By Patrick Pickering My name is Patrick Pickering. I am 22 years old and studying law and psychology at the University of Tasmania. Patrick Pickering From a young age, my parents instilled in...

Charli Brand – AVCAT Scholar

When my dad was medically discharged I was selfishly relieved; it meant no threat of moving, and there was no chance of him leaving for months on end – we could be a family again. Charli Brand By Charli Brand...
Israel Bundjuri and dad f

Israel Bundjuri – AVCAT Scholar

My father was so proud to hear that his son was studying at Curtin University. He never thought fighting for his country could have a positive impact on his children in enhancing their education since returning from the Vietnam War....

Jacob Erieau – AVCAT Scholar

Sometimes the most extraordinary thing you can do is be part of healing your family and trying to do better than those who came before you. By Jacob Erieau Jacob (centre) with grandparents Dorothy & 'Pa' Geoffrey Yeomans My grandfather...

Caitlin Gauci – AVCAT Alumni

My TLC scholarship showed me that AVCAT had a deeper intention than just ‘transforming lives through education’. They were also going to do it with compassion and support. By Caitlin Gauci Caitlin Gauci with the Governor General & Mrs Hurley...
Portia Yates

Portia Yates – AVCAT Scholar

It is a true privilege to be recognised by AVCAT and TPI NSW, and I will forever be a grateful recipient of this scholarship. By Portia Yates Larry, Portia (centre) & Marie Yates My name is Portia Yates; I am...

Annabel Jellett – AVCAT Scholar

There is no courage in suffering in silence. Real strength is facing your own vulnerability and realising the importance of human connection.  By Annabel Jellett Annabel Jellett I don’t know how to write about my life without sounding lofty, or...

Aiyahna Browning – AVCAT Scholar

The AVCAT scholarship program provides both reassurance and encouragement, in addition to relieving some of the financial pressure of living so far away from home. By Aiyahna Browning Len Russell - CEO AVCAT, Aiyahan Browning 'Believing' is a verb. It's...

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