Thank You TPI NSW

AVCAT CEO Len Russell and scholarships manager Robyn Richardson were honoured to be guests at the festive TPI NSW Christmas Party.

During the party, Len Russell extended heartfelt appreciation to TPI NSW for their longstanding support as a dedicated scholarship sponsor. In recognition of their commitment, he presented TPI NSW with a special plaque as a token of gratitude. The plaque symbolises the enduring partnership and positive impact of these scholarships on AVCAT scholars and their families.

On awarding the plaque Len Russell remarked, ‘This year AVCAT is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It also marks 20 years in which TPI NSW has supported AVCAT tertiary education scholarships. We at AVCAT acknowledge and thank the members of TPI NSW for their long and generous support to veteran families these past 20 years.’ The plaque was presented to Mr Kevin Kelly, President of TPI NSW and Mr John Szabo, CEO of TPI NSW.

The gathering was marked by joyous festivities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. As the year draws to a close, the event provided an opportunity to reflect on the collaborative efforts and shared goals.

Robyn Richardson, AVCAT scholarships manager, commented, ‘This is a great opportunity to celebrate the hard work and leadership of the members of TPI NSW and their genuine interest in and support of recipients of the TPI NSW Scholarship. TPI NSW is a fantastic organisation that leads by example with kindness and compassion.’

L-R: Len Russell – CEO AVCAT; Kevin Kelly – President TPI NSW; John Szabo – CEO TPI NSW

 The impact of a TPI NSW Scholarship was felt immediately by scholar Portia Yates. ‘I have faced major personal challenges and changing family circumstances, which I really struggled with. These events led me to consider deferring my studies for a while, something I never thought would cross my mind – until I received a call on the 24th of February. This call from AVCAT informing me that I had been awarded the TPI NSW scholarship gave me the motivation I needed to continue my studies and work harder than I ever had.’

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