The Final Countdown

AVCAT student John Mathieson  wrote a wonderful note to the War Widows’ Guild of NSW. The War Widows’ Guild of NSW sponsor John’s scholarship.

John with Rhondda Vanzella OAM - President  WWG NSW

John with Rhondda Vanzella OAM – President WWG NSW

Thanks to the Australian War Widows’ NSW, I am on track to finally complete my studies at the end of this semester. My application for Cross-Institutional Study was granted to attend my last course at UTS in Sydney.

I had hoped to attend last semester, but the class was at capacity and I could not enrol. I am very glad to be avoiding the commute up to Newcastle. Last semester I spent 12 hours a week travelling to and from campus.

Keeping my eye on the prize (graduation) has been a little bit harder over the last few months with my mother’s case coming up – as I mentioned at your AGM.

The man who killed my mother was charged shortly after her death and this process has been ongoing ever since.  The trial was due to take place in early August but has been delayed due to the defence producing an expert report so close to the trial date.  While this whole process has caused me and the rest of my family considerable stress and anxiety, I know that my personal situation has improved thanks to your support.

It seems that whenever I start to become nervous about upcoming finances, I receive a support payment from AVCAT. The breathing room this adds is hugely beneficial and allows me to focus on my studies. I know that I would not be able to continue as I am without your support and I am truly grateful for your ongoing generosity.

I hope that in the future you have the capacity to support others as you have myself because I know how hard it can be to lose a parent at this age.  Knowing that someone else cares about you and your success in life is so valuable when you have lost the people who primarily fill that role.

Thank you again for your support throughout my studies, I hope to be informing you of my graduation very soon.

Kind regards, John.

John was awarded an AVCAT War Widows’ Guild NSW Scholarship.
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