AVCAT Scholar – Georgia Caire

I have been financially independent since I moved away from home at 18.
Receiving the Long Tan Bursary has been life changing.

By Georgia Caire

Georgia and her Pop

For personal reasons I do not have contact with my father. Instead, my Pop has been a father figure my whole life. He has supported me through both schooling and university, and always encourages me to do my best but always ensures my happiness is the number one priority.

Pop, served in the Australian Regular Army, as well as with the Special Air Service Regiment and the Commando Regiment. He served in Malaya, Thai/Malay border, Singapore, Borneo and Vietnam. 

My incredible Mum raised me and my three siblings on her own. As a result, I have been financially independent since I moved away from home at 18. Receiving the generous Long Tan Bursary from DVA and AVCAT has been life changing. It relieved the financial hardship I have been burdened with for quite some time.

The Long Tan Bursary has allowed me to focus more time on my studies, and even allowed me the time to volunteer with a domestic violence charity – an opportunity I previously could not pursue as I was working too many hours a week.

I am truly grateful to be offered this honour by AVCAT and strive to continue learning and growing throughout my studies, so I can one day help those who need it most.

I am in my second year of a Bachelor of Justice, and plan on completing postgraduate studies in social work. In the future I hope to work in crisis support, to help victims safely leave family violence situations and regain their lives, as well as helping and supporting children in out of home care. I also hope to one day be in a position where I can help change laws and policies to ensure they are as accessible and equitable as possible.

Although Pop doesn’t like to discuss his struggles with his grandchildren, I know that his time in service deeply changed him. Despite this, he continues to put his family first and always ensures we are looked after, and for that I am forever grateful.

Pop’s impact on my life has been immense; knowing of the traumas he faced in service but returning home and continuing to care and provide for his family has taught me so much about strength and resilience. I will always look up to him as a role model, and be forever grateful for his pain and sacrifice for both his family and our beautiful country. I am extremely lucky to have him in my life and don’t know what I would do without him.

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