Elizabeth McMahon – AVCAT Scholar

By Elizabeth McMahon

Being the daughter of a veteran, I was raised with the ethos of the military, the importance of a team, and the value of working toward the betterment of the community.

My name is Elizabeth, and I’m studying medicine at the University of Melbourne.

Through the help of my own team, I completed an undergraduate degree and gained entrance into the University of Melbourne’s Doctor of Medicine program, where I am studying to fulfil my dream of becoming a doctor.

Elizabeth McMahon

I hope to become a rural doctor and contribute to bettering the health of Australian rural communities. I am passionate about psychiatry and mental health. My passion has been heavily influenced by involvement in my local veteran community and learning about the psychological support our veterans need.

My experience with a father with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has helped me develop empathy and compassion for our veterans and to translate this to others suffering from mental and physical illness.

I believe that my experience with my local veteran community has shaped the kind of compassionate and empathetic doctor I wish to be. The support from my Chatswood RSL Club Scholarship has been particularly close to my heart. I believe the support I’ve been given is symbolic of the belief in a community passionate about supporting veteran children. I hope to use what I have learnt in my own experience as a veteran’s daughter in my future skill set as a doctor.

My experience living rurally further fuels the fire of passion as I continue my journey in medicine. Living in rural Australia, I have experienced understaffed hospitals and under-resourced communities. I have seen communities with health needs that differ from communities in urban environments. I feel passionate about addressing these areas of need for rural Australia and giving back to the communities that have given so much to me.

Throughout my journey, from 2019 to today, AVCAT and Chatswood RSL Club have been key members of my team, supporting me in fulfilling my dream. The journey to medicine is hard and often economically stressful.

AVCAT has continuously supported me and helped me afford to take the time I needed to study and purchase the resources required to study medicine.

Knowing I have such incredible support on my team inspires me every day to continue to work and pursue my dreams in medicine.

I hope that when I finish my studies and become a doctor, Chatswood RSL Club & AVCAT both feel a sense of pride knowing they helped me fulfil my lifelong dream.

Elizabeth was awarded the Chatswood RSL Club Scholarship in 2019. Scholarship applications open on 18 August and close on 31 October. Apply at avcat.org.au

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